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#783988 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 25 August 2018 - 11:40 PM

so prep for Gold Rush begins!  Got some brand new R888r for the mountain.
Got some full slicks too from my mate wayne at Killa Racing!
Got some new pacemaker headers thanks for the discount Bursons!

#783950 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 17 July 2018 - 08:55 PM

Here is some in car footage of Mel and my runs!

#783948 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 17 July 2018 - 08:34 PM

Here is a "fast forward update" in between The rebuild thread because I cant wait to tell you guys about how much fun we had racing at this event!   Hope you enjoy!
Wow what an amazing event! The Gold Rush Hill Sprint! A few teething problems at the start of the day but that's to be expected at a brand new event, just have to have a bit of patients. Once we got under way and starting racing it was just outstanding! The best mountain I have ever had the privileged to race up. To be among the very first elite cars to go racing up Mt Morgan is a true honor. The road is beautiful with epic twists and turns! We didn't get a placing or nor did we see our times all day but Mel and I were just happy to scream up the mountain range in our Psicho XF Racing car. Once the event organizers iron out all the problems its going to be the best hillclimb in Australia. We are all ready preparing for next year! I would like to thank our sponsors for making it possible for us to race: Hill-Billy Hotrods, Bursons Auto Parts, Falcrum Rockhampton, Pro-Dyno, Bridge Street Tire & Mechanical. and our pitcrews Alex Carr and Amy Ross, Blair and Dan, A massive thanks to the Gold Rush Hill Sprint organizers as well.
Scrutineering the weekend before:

#783860 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 24 May 2018 - 07:29 AM

some big updates coming soon guys!!

#783836 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 29 April 2018 - 08:27 PM

We got a wheel alignment done by Fulcrum on the weekend and found the car is still quite straight after Mels crash which is fantastic news. Fulcrum also looked after us and gave us a huge discount on wheel alignments so they are basically out 5th sponsor. Thanks Pete at Fulcrum Rockhampton!

#783827 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 25 April 2018 - 09:18 PM

I got an email to say I have been excepted to race in the Mt Morgan Hill Sprint!
This is going to be an amazing event to compete in!  biggest and longest sprint I have done in my racing career so far!  Super excited!

#782993 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 16 March 2017 - 11:11 AM

Legend! Coming together fast now Josh. Thanks again for all the detailed pics mate. Making it so much better for others following this path.


Thanks heaps Leaky, yeah man I'm trying to cover as much stuff as I can as I go along.  Sometimes its a bit hard to get pics of everything but hey you get the idea.  There are a couple of good threads around for Barra conversions but their hard to find so I hope people will find my thread useful. 


Ok So we finally got to kick the Barra in the guts.  She fired up beautiful except the power steering pump is noisy.  I filled it with fluid but as soon as it started it pumped it all around and was low again.  I will grab some more fluid for it today when I'm in town so I can hear her fire up one more time and hopefully the noise in the pump will go.


She's Alive 


#782879 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 09 February 2017 - 05:21 PM

was that a engineering mod plate on the firewall ?

its looking good man cant wait to see it up & running

Im in the process of ba turbo into xf panelvan


Yeah man its a mod plate.  This car was a 5 seater and the mod plate is to make it a 6 seater.  They must have change the front bucket seats to a bench seat and made it from floor shift to coloum shift.

Yeah man I cant wait to hear that barra going.  Once that happens there will be a lot of pressure taken off me lol.

Cool man do you have a thread on the xf panelvan?


Some new updates coming real soon!!

#782801 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 23 January 2017 - 10:34 PM

Me and Mel dummy fitted the roll cage this afternoon as well.
She also cleaned off all the old insulation off the roof.

#782597 HELP!!!

Posted by Joshy351 on 30 November 2016 - 03:12 PM

Wow I just found this thread!!  This is our original thread Mrs351 started way back in august 2009.  The first shell that was given to us ended up not happening because it was 6 hours away from where we lived so it was very hard to do any work on it.  I don't even know what happened to that shell.  Also we ended up doing a full rebuild on my XD (Marduk) and raced it solid for the last 2 years so that took up a lot of time.  The XF we pulled from the scrap heap with all that red over spray is the shell we are going to use and we are bring home to Rockhampton in a week and a half's time.  Some plans have changed and we are now going to put a BF Barra engine into it so its a good thing we waited because Barra conversions are allot easier nowadays and the motors are cheap with good power even stock.   I have started a new thread on it so I will post the link to it in here.  Finally Mel will have a car to work on and hopefully she will be racing by June 2017.  She is keen to get her cams licence and do some sprints and track days.  She said her mission is to beat me  :hihi:


Here is the new thread!





#782595 BF Powered XF Race Car

Posted by Joshy351 on 30 November 2016 - 01:31 PM

Just a quick update!  I got all the wiring out and got it ready to send to JB Automotive Electrical.  Should have it back in about 3 weeks which is perfect.  We are picking up the XF in a week and a half time.  I should be able to get the Crossflow and auto out and get the engine bay painted.
This is the engine bay wiring loom (needed) and the alternator wires. The relay box wiring loom and computer Jb doesn't need, the throttle peddle is there too.
This one is getting sent
Now to get the engine wiring off the motor!  Man that was a tricky job.  Hope I remember how it all goes back on.
and its off.  Wow that was a mission.  I had to remove the aircon pump to get one wire out.
And this is whats getting sent away.
all packaged up and ready to go to JB Automotive Electrical. 

#782360 Youtube Videos

Posted by Joshy351 on 15 September 2016 - 01:06 PM

Hi everyone here is my latest movie on the Townsville Sprints.  Hope you enjoy!


#782306 XYZ Coilovers for the XD

Posted by Joshy351 on 27 August 2016 - 12:50 AM

Here is a pic when I was warned to change the washers and chamfer the mounts!  All done and reinstalled.




A pic after 2 events of hard racing.  Everything still intact and traveling well.



#782292 Youtube Videos

Posted by Joshy351 on 24 August 2016 - 03:24 PM

Hi everyone!  This is the full length movie that me and Melissa Theuerkauf created on the Noosa Hillclimb. Mel did the film work and I did the driving, and i also produced the movie. So plug in your big screens and crank up the volume and kick back for 20 minutes and enjoy the sights and sounds that the Noosa Hillclimb has to offer.


#782134 XYZ Coilovers for the XD

Posted by Joshy351 on 15 July 2016 - 11:30 AM

so the first problem I ran into was that my coilover wouldnt flush mount to the upper control arms.