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#784065 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 26 November 2018 - 10:28 PM

is the engineer happy with cutting holes? ages ago when i was talking with Archie in Bayswater he wasn't keen on chopping anything.. i did thump the shock tower on the passenger side for the 10mm clearance to the air con pump (on the 1UZ). he didn't seem bothered by that but i never got around to finishing it or taking it to him to "assess" (it fitted without the den't but didn't have even 3mm i guess)


Yeh the engineer is perfectly happy with cutting holes as long as they are reinforced 'by sandwiching or welding/rolling a pipe thru hole'.

This thing is going to be engineered down to the last nut and bolt, don't want mr over exuberant cop picking on anything.


hey mate! love the build, im going to do similar in my xb, is it a fg turbo or ba/bf ? ive heard the fg is smaller housing and has more clearance on the shock tower with a fg mainfold - can you slot the holes and move it across 2mm? 

The turbo is FG and yeh they have smaller housing for quicker spool. I could slot but just not worth it. Massaging will work fine. Then tune it to max out the turbo.

#784059 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 20 November 2018 - 08:52 PM

OK don't know how I didn't try this before. Brain fart I guess, but, the turbo fits in the stock low mount position with the FG manifold. Yay!






Ignore the cable ties, and the cardboard spacers pretending to be a manifold gasket, but look at that, she fits.





I am still going to have to massage the strut tower as the engineer wants 10mm clearance all round; I have around 8mm.





Can of brake cleaner pretending to be an alloy intercooler pipe, just cut through the body below the ex-battery tray, should be sweeet.

#784058 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 15 November 2018 - 11:03 PM

Can't really use a wedge as then the area where the nuts will secure will also be on an angle, nor can you grind as it leaves too little 'meat' which could be a problem with heat cycling, and still leaves studs on an angle.

I thought of fill welding the stud holes, and welding an angle on, then drilling/tapping that, but its a lot more work than using a simple spacer. Just found one on Ebay actually, someone already made one.
Could also still make the turbo low mount, but would mean cutting and notching the strut tower.


As for the long dump pipe, getting it ceramic coated and heat wrap should be fine.

#784053 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 14 November 2018 - 09:45 PM

Well, this is definately a slow burn project, but I am getting there, and it will be finished. Currently also rebuilding both diffs in my Jeep with new gearing and locker/LSD, disc brake conversion, high pinion conversion.....

Anyway, some more updates.








Those that wanted pics of the J-pipe, here are a couple of it off the car.





They have apparently proven to work fine, but I'm looking at some other options.






All you have to do to fit it, is grind the NA manifold flange flat (they have a very large conical lip that mates with the exhaust pipe) then bolt on the J-pipe. Pretty simple.

#784013 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 17 September 2018 - 08:00 AM

Its no Project Binky; no super intricate sheetmetal folding n spot welding here. Using what I have.

#784009 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 16 September 2018 - 11:18 PM


Welded to the sides of mounts. Even just tacked I can almost stand on them.






Keeping everything tack welded for the moment incase things need to change or be moved.






RH mount. Needs trimming obviously.






Temporarily fitting the S-pak light bracket back onto the body. Not planning on using it but want to estimate positions.

The spotlight mounts sit just inside the condenser mounts, so welded some brackets to the condenser uprights and will use some angle

to bolt the upper intercooler mounts to, as well as the spotlight mounts.






Will have to wait until all the bars and grille are mounted before determining final positioning of spotlights.

#784007 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 16 September 2018 - 11:17 PM


I am using the standard XD lower radiator mounts to seat the radiator (modified of course) but not at the top as the brackets do not line up.

To mount the condenser I'm using modded steel angle spaced around 6mm from the radiator.

This should provide plenty of clearance for any movement in the radiator. I just need to get everything as close as possible to give as much clearance as possible for the intercooler, as I don't want the intercooler as a major feature of the front end.






I was going to use a plate that sits ontop of the radiator mounts that the angle was to be welded to, but decided on fitting to the side as this will give a little movement for any alignment issues.

Plate to be secured with a couple of 8mm bolts with captive nuts. For now they are tacked on to stop movement.






Upper BA radiator mounts work out almost perfect to mount the radiator. Will need to lathe up some mounting knobs out of aluminium to weld to radiator.

Just need to find someone with a lathe. (Hope the photo isn't upside down as it seems to want to upload that way; the original file is the right way up).






Slicing the ends off and mounting to some flat plate.

Will trim the plate up to look nice.






The XD radiator mount holes are perfect for mounting purposes.

There are four nice 6mm holes on the RHS and three on the left.






Left and right upper radiator mounts all mocked up.

I'm cutting most of the heads off the bolts and welding them to the plate.



#783985 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 25 August 2018 - 11:10 PM

I watch everything they do, an awesome channel. Would be awesome if they did a segment where Turbo Yoda comes to your garage and assists you for a few days.

#783981 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 25 August 2018 - 09:04 PM

Well progress is... progressing, but is mighty slow. Some silly bugger bought a Jeep and spending the limited free time modding that.


Forgot to get pics of J pipe, will do in daylight. It is the Spoolinboost one. TBH I am a little concerned, as it is a lot of turbo weight sitting on a long leverage point which is constantly heat cycled.

They have been used in plenty of other falcons from what I read so they prob do work well. Going to get it machined though where the nuts sit attaching the J pipe to manifold, as they are angled for casting and the nuts will sit cockeyed and most likely come loose.


As for intercooler piping, I have done some dry fits and I reckon they will sit well curling around the stock bar mounts, then through holes cut where battery tray was and same on other side. Engineer is fine with this as long as the holes are reinforced.


Here is some work I got done in an hour or so I had spare yesterday.




Getting rid of these old radiator mounts and making something more beefy that can mount the radiator AND condenser AND intercooler.




Drillin out them spot welds then cold chisel.





Fresh canvas ready to apply some nice mounts.




Cut out some nice bits of steel and am marking positions of the factory 8mm holes. Good enough for now, prob drill two more down lower.





Ready to drill. While being completely irrelevant, this is Hardox steel relieved from a scrap steel bin from a workshop I frequent.





Cut some RHS steel and mounted at perfect right angles, at perfect distance apart, at matching lengths. This will make welding so much easier.





Tacked onto mounts. Left a few mm space below for welding right around. They won't be anywhere near as long as this, but just in case I left them long.

Plan is to cut the old rubber cradles from old mounts, then weld those cradles in place. Will also make tabs that secure these mounts to the ends of chassis rail for extra rigidity.

#783663 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 11 December 2017 - 09:30 PM

As I said before, this is a slow burn project, but some small updates...



Getting the fitment of radiator, condenser and intercooler right.

The radiator is an Ebay XD special with reversed inlet/outlet to suit barra, and a blanked off filler neck which I am moving to thermostat housing.

Condenser is another Ebay special from an Iveco something. I just browsed through AC Delco catalog with rough dimensions, and this seemed to suit the best.

I'm going to weld on some mounts to the radiator, that the condenser will then bolt to.

Finally the intercooler... yup another Ebay jobbie. Seems to fit almost perfectly. Got a heap of silicone hoses with it too, plus a couple of extras to suit turbo inlet and outlet, plus throttle body.



Removing the dashboard to mod the electrics, I found a genuine Ford graphite marking implement fitted in factory mount (probably) .



Dashboard is out. Really need some better way of sorting all the parts, other than dumping them on the floor n seats.



Good ol Ford made the dashboards completely removeable with plugs, including a plug for the vac lines (another job, testing all the heater controls with a vac tester).



PS I'll get some more pics of J pipe for ya.

#783373 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 06 July 2017 - 11:16 AM

Been a while since update. Still plodding along slowly with project as time and laziness permits.



Dry fitment of turbo, J pipe and manifold. Clears the suspension tower beautifully. Not bothered with how oil lines etc run, will be doing all that when the body is away being done.



Engine mounts modified to clear the rack and pinion with the sump. The original Rod Shop mounts fitted beautifully, but just weren't tall enough.

So I cut up the bases of the mounts, and had Rod Shop waterjet me up some bases out of 12mm steel. Gonna have these 'professionally' welded

like my engineer wants at a later stage.



As you can see, the rack now clears nicely.



Playing around with the gauge cluster. Didn't want to cut up an S-pak cluster, plus wanted it more custom. So, I measured it all up,

layed it all out in CAD, sent it off to be lasercut from 4mm matt acrylic...



Dremel'in the old cluster apart. Man it STINKS.



Running some masking tape around the outside ready to slather on some Sikaflex.



Went on pretty well. It also helps if, when designing the template in CAD, that you remember to change the gauge hole sizes to the

MOUNTING size of the gauge, not the outside of the bezel which is only used for positioning. Ah well these things will happen.

#783009 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 19 March 2017 - 04:20 PM

Cheers. Not sure what method, prob get it machined. I might just even get it water jetted then drill it myself, its a pretty simple shape.

I was sitting in car today, might even leave the shifter as is and modify console.




Got a nice package, love getting packages (and this one was expected, ie not a drunk ebay purchase)



Yup its a rack n pinion from RRS. I put up with the wishy washy steering box feel in my Pathfinder, which is fine as its a thrashed-on 4wd, but not for my XD. Noo, I want nice precise steering.





Bolting up all the mounts to frame rail. Needed some clearancing work such as grinding down welds on the XD and slightly elongating holes, but it seems to bolt up nicely (pic might be upside down)

#782574 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 27 November 2016 - 05:49 PM



Where the new shifter location will be. Looking into various options of a shifter relocation, but can't use the one that uses the forward access cover, as this would put the shifter almost under the dashboard.




Fords fitment of the automatic hump. Crappy flex filler and some tek screws, but, it works.




Oxy torched hole. Here the shifter hole is hard up against the top of the tunnel. Gonna have to cut out the tunnel back to at least the seat reinforcement.

#782530 XD Phase 5 turbo Barra build

Posted by PJXF on 13 November 2016 - 10:19 PM

Technically the donor only cost $695.80 as I keep finding change everywhere




Rear diff is out and ready to test fit into the XD. Diffs look almost identical and measure up the same. Gotta love that.




Trailer full of parts from the donor and XD.



Things come apart quick when you dont give a fuck about conserving unwanted parts, and you have a sawzall.

#533445 Hendrixhc's long term XE project!

Posted by PJXF on 18 October 2010 - 06:48 PM

Lookin good. At a complete guess at what the pictured component is for, is a spring to stop bonnet vibrating and to spring it up to 2nd stage locking when you pull the bonnet cable?