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#758409 What keeps people building hot 6's

Posted by Blunny on 06 May 2013 - 07:02 PM

Sorry its been awhile since i was last on here. im still interested in the X series 0's cars, still want to build a hot circuit car but time, space, kids, and racing dirt bikes have been taking preference. Space is solved as we just bought a bigger house, kids are solved as one is at school and my wife now happily makes jokes about my sick fetish of 80's Falcons.

I can't recall f I posted this question up a few years ago but I'm intrigued. So they don't make that much power (350 HP out 4.1L?) they aren't that much if any lighter then a Windsor or alloy headed clevo, they break, can't rev past 6k without some TLC, they cause Internet fights with XrGlen now having to wear a mask, they cost a lot to build to be fast, they can't win any class except specific speedway classes (excuse me please but I have NFI out of the circuit world).

What keeps people building and arguing about them?