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Falcon Crossflow Turbo Conversion

4.1L Crossflow Falcon Crossflow Turbo Turbo Converison Crossflow

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#1 HarryyyyK

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 04:57 PM

Hi all,


Been around these forums a fair amount, and have gotten heaps of good advice and guidance, and wanting more now.


So I want to go a turbo conversion on the Falcon XC Crossflow.


I need some guidance in the setup especially from people who have taken the turbo root before. 


So at the moment, the engine is fresh, probably done about 20,000kms since last rebuild, and pretty cruising kms. 

Its an iron head motor, however the bottom end is all re-done, balanced and blueprinted. Its got a slightly bigger cam then stock, crows cam, IN 204 EX 214.


As well as an MSD ignition, Holley 350 and extractors. Great motor love it.



So I've got a ECU lined up for the conversion, I also managed to score a fully reconditioned alloy C2 head, with proper stem seals and all, its really clean. As well as all the manifold and throttle intake from an XF falcon.


So first up, the cars compression is around stock for a Falcon XC, around 9. I know the C2 heads are about 42CC in the chamber, I have a feeling it will bump the compression too high for some nice boost into the motor. Could someone give me advice on that??


Second, from the design on it, the banana and log manifold of the XF looks great for low down torque, however I'm wanting to move the power band more to the higher side of the middle. Not all down low like a tow car. 

Would I be good to stay with the log manifold and banana runners, or fab up my own nice manifold and with some shorter runners, and then out the front of the engine???


Third, the current cam I got


ADV Duration:

266 279



204 215



.469" .481"





Will that work nicely with a turbo? Or should I go for a turbo camshaft?


Finally, stock bottom end crossflows, how much boost do they take and are safe with? The wear on the bottom end is minimal, but there is only so much cast parts will take I could imagine. 


Thanks all, look forward to the advice, and let the new build begin.

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Posted Yesterday, 06:17 PM

Moved the topic for you.

With modern tuning techniques, fuels, suitable cam and good cylinder head, you can get away with a fair bit of comp and still run med to low boost safely. Car can keep a lot of drive ability that way.

Stock bottom end should be okay if you don't push it too hard. RPM will be the killer. Keeping it under 5krpm and it should last if the tune is on point. the force caused by boost is much smaller then that caused by high RPM. 

Stock x-flow manifold would be fine, you can pick up a little up top if you use a different manifold but boosting it will sort that out for the most part. Depends how much effort you want to put into it.

Cams got a wide lobe sep so it's probably gonna be fine boosting it. Obv have a cam designed for your specific application would be better, but it depends on how much you want to spend. I don't know enough about Cams to offer any advice there, except that low overlap is good for turbo engines and a wider LSA should give lower overlap.

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