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Dedicated LPG engine rebuild 351w

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Posted 19 December 2016 - 04:24 AM

Hello everyone, how are you all, i'm Zed, a new member. I was hoping for some knowledge from other members that are clued in about rebuilding engines for dedicated LPG fuel. 

I have a 1990 F150 4WD auto ute with a 351 fuel injected windsor engine, ( or it was fuel injected when running on petrol but now it is dedicated LPG). I will be rebuilding the engine in the near future and would like to start ordering my parts online for the rebuild so I have everything ready. I will also be ordering a 408 stroker kit for the rebuild. The vehicle will be doing little towing and will only be driven on the beach on the occasional fishing trip. I want the engine to have a lot of down low torque and power to move the F150 off the lights and along the highway but I won't be revving the engine above 4000rpm. I want a camshaft that will give me instant maximum power and torque for LPG. What camshaft will best suit this engine for this?   As for the pistons that are available in the stroker kits, I need to specify what compression ratio I want. I was thinking 10 to 1 compression ratio with LPG fuel varying  between 100 to 112 octain as well as being a slower burning fuel then petrol. Will this be ok or should I go for a lower compression ratio?  As for the cylinder heads I would like to keep the same cast iron cylinder heads that are on there now as they are set up already for injectors and I will be upgrading my Gas system to injection and will be able to use the petrol injection ports for my gas injectors in the future. Will I be able to use the standard heads with the standard valve and port sizes with the motor being a low reving engine and using a longer valve duration grind on the camshaft to fill the larger volume cylinders, or will I need larger valves and port work done? Also I would like to know what would be the best distributor and ignition set up to use for me to obtain the correct timing advance curve for LPG fuel? 

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