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Marketplace Guidelines:

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Posted 08 April 2013 - 09:07 PM

Marketplace Guidelines:

These guidelines have been put in place to help ensure items are properly identified. So relevant information such as price and location is immediately available to potential buyers/sellers.

The following must be included in your thread, If it is not your thread may be modified or deleted without notice.

A short title that quickly describes the item you are selling/looking for.
A state prefix, IE: "(NSW)"
For a wanted thread use the prefix "wanted - " or shortened "WTB - " at the start of your title.
For an item for sale use the prefix "For sale - " or "FS - "
An example for selling an XF ute might be "(NSW)FS - XF ute 4.1ltr runs well w/rego."
Including the price in the title can be very beneficial for some items so consider doing this if you have room.
Read the title to yourself. Can you read it and know roughly but accurately what will be contained in the thread? Yes? Perfect!

A description:
As brief or as long as you need it to be. What you are selling/wanting to buy.
As a minimum, the description MUST have:
Your or the items location. IE, City/town and state.
The sale price (wanted threads exempt).
Postage: Pickup or post? Both? If the item is large are you willing to freight?

A minimum of 1 picture OF THE ITEM, Or a picture that gives an accurate representation of the item. (wanted threads Exempt, Consider though, in some cases it will be beneficial if talking about an obscure item.)
You picture will tell a thousand words. Give the picture a brief description if you think it needs one, so the shoppers know exactly what they are looking at.

Below is a template for those that wish to use it. It is NOT a requirement to use the template, as long as the guidelines above are followed.
Cut and paste this into your thread:


Title needed above ^ Remember to prefix with 'WTB' or 'FS' (delete this line once title is filled)



Sale price:


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