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xFamily Membership

Become a valued xFalcon community member by upgrading to our awesome xFamily Membership. The forum is one big family-like community. We all share the same love for x-series falcons, so become a xFamily member today.

What's included:
- your Private Messaging inbox will be increased to 2000!
- unlimited allowable posts
- 30MB of space in the Gallery
- create up to 10 albums in the Gallery
- uploading ability is 50MB
- you can rate forum topics
- you can give reputation points
- you can edit your own posts
- you can even start your own poll! How cool is that.
- you will get special access to areas of the forum that are not visible to others

There are a few more things that we are still in the process of sorting out. ....things that will only be available to our valued xFamily Members!

You are only moments away from becoming apart of our xFamily.... so click Add to Cart now.