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XF Ute question

Garage General 15 Apr 2019
Hi there I am hoping someone here might help me with an oddity, amongst other things I collect brochures ans owners handbooks recently I acquired a book for a 1989 XF Ute/Van reading through the book I noticed what I guess is a misprint the pic says EFI engine air cleaner now I always thought...
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351c crank/rods, chasing one in Brisbane area

8 Cylinder Engines 03 Apr 2019
Hi Just chasing the above to replace my crank and rods that sadly have been put to rest following a catastrophic failure. STH east QLD   Thanks
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Wondai Street Sprints 2019

QLD Events 23 Mar 2019
  So we are back!  2017 was the last time we attended this event and we debut the XF there so we are super keen to get back to better our personal best.  we have made many improvements since we were there so it will be interesting to see what times me and Melissa set.  ...
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NSW Historic and Classic Vehicle Rego

NSW Event Chat 23 Mar 2019
Strangely hard to find much information on 'club rego' in NSW. Unfortunately, there is not a specific Xfalcon car club or even a generic Ford club that we can join for Historic or CVS rego. I figure I may as well document my experience on the way hopefully to club rego for anyone else who co...
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XE Falcon ute steering/pitman arm height

Garage General 18 Mar 2019
Hey Guys,   I'm a new member round here, just wanting to get some answers and advice if possible on some questions I have. So I have an 82 XE Falcon ute I'm somewhat restoring, I've lowered it quite substantially and it looks awesome, obviously with that I'm going to get the occasional botto...
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Garage General 03 Mar 2019
Hi guys, new user here. Been pulling apart and rebuilding my XD Fairmont Ghia and have hit a wall. Ever since i dropped the valve body from the C4 and reinstalled i cant get the motor to rev passed 1500-2000 rpm in park. I thought it was the carby at first, but now im thinking trans. Any help...
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XF Sedan Spare Wheel Delete

Exterior 26 Feb 2019
Hello, would like to delete to create space for battery and dropped fuel tank and accessories. Thoughts? I'm in NZ so will discuss with LVVTA but from initial investigations it would appear the spare wheel compartment is a continuation of the chassis rail on the driver side. In other words it jus...
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