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Project Family XF 4.0l

Projects Today, 08:57 AM
  Hello all, Ive been a member for a few years now (dont really post much, more of a reader) and I thought Ill share the journey Im about to embark. I own a 1986 XF Falcon sedan and have had it for the past 7 years (sitting gathering rust) I also have a 1994 XG XR6 falcon ute (work horse)...
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351 c oilo mods

New Members Today, 12:38 AM
Hi my name is Ray, I live in Michigan.USA I run a 1985 377 Clev at the strip. It runs 9.76 on a good day. Now the bad..........I blew the motor broke the stock crank after 14 yrs of use. My engine oil mods were the1 rear galley to the lifters shut off. A copper crossover tube drilled and tapped t...
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65,000v promaster coil with msd dissy?

8 Cylinder Engines Yesterday, 11:34 PM
I have a ready to go msd dissy and I have a Mallory promaster oil cooled coil. Can they go together or am I better off getting a msd blaster coil.
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Wanted 390 Big Block

Parts for sale Yesterday, 11:13 PM
Hi All A friend of mine is looking for a 390. He not looking to fit it into a Falcon. It is for his F700. The original 390 has an exhaust problem, number 2 threw a leg and knocked the manifold off! Cheers
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Hello Everybody I'm JohnnyTwoShots!

New Members Yesterday, 09:21 PM
Hello Everybody,I'm JohnnyTwoShots and I Got That Nick Name Because It Always Takes Me Two Shots To Get Things Right,At Least They're Right.I'm Not Called JohnnyThree Shots.Now Does Anybody Know Can You Fit A Cat-Iron X-Flow Head To A Log-Motor?The Log Head Might Be OK,But Its Got A Small Carby H...
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Can't Find The Hole!

New Members Yesterday, 09:15 PM
Hello Out There,I've Got A 1999 XH Longreach Ute,A Great Machine ,Now But I Can't Find Or See The Auto Transmission Dipstick And How Do You Top It Up?I'll But The Manual Later On,Does Anybody Know?Thanks For The Help!
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xf steering box

Garage General 29 Oct 2014
hey guys I am wanting to convert my xf from power steering to manual steering and was wondering if the manual steering box/ pitman needed to b put of an xd or xe to work or any falcon manual steering box/pitman would b fine?? also what else needs to change for the conversion to go sweet?? has an...
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