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Introduction and questions

6 Cylinder Engines Today, 11:36 AM
G'day everyone! Im new to the forum, well forums in general. Usually i poke around till i find out the info i need. Most stuff is covered by someone elses questions. But im sending myself crazy sifting through info which really isnt sinking in. So ive got a TD cortina which i use as a Dirt Circui...
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xc falcon

The Social Lounge Today, 12:54 AM
hey everyone im new to this. I just wanted to ask can someone give me tips or advice on how to remove the steering wheel on a xc falcon. I just couldn't get the thing off.
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Sidedraft Manifolds

6 Cylinder Engines Today, 12:21 AM
Hey anyone seen or even heard of a manifold for a cast iron crossy to run say triple su or webber setups. Would be interested if that setup is available.   It would be different!
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Blacksmiths Inn Rally 2014 2nd Aug

The Pool Room Today, 12:04 AM
Hey any one going to the rally weekend 2nd august at Johns River outside Port Mac? I am on duty as one of the Officials. Come for the event and say G'day I'll be on one of the check points or lurking in the service area. Just look for my white XD with the QLD Plates or ask around.   We have:...
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xflow cam ?

6 Cylinder Engines Yesterday, 08:38 PM
Hi guys i'm building a xflow for a speedway car and the cam is open so i hove found this cam going pretty cheap. just wanted to know what people thoughts are and any cams that anyone els is running.. my motor list so far.. board 40" 40" over flat tops Head has hasnt been been shaved yet but i was...
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crossflow on gas?

6 Cylinder Engines Yesterday, 08:04 PM
hey xfalconers, i wasnt sure if this went here or in the lpg forum but i decided to put it here.   can a xflow be put on gas and still get decent power if the motor is rebuilt for it?    is the savings in fuel noticeable or is it only negligible in the old crossy?    sorr...
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XG Rear Barn Doors

Interior / Dashboard / Car Audio Yesterday, 04:29 AM
Just a quick one. How do you remove the the internal latch handle on the L/H side.
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