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[SA] XF Fairmont Ghia / FE LTD dash

Parts for sale 17 Dec 2014
For sale Adelaide, SA. XF Fairmont Ghia / FE LTD dash. $180 ono. Cluster works as does oscillating centre aircon vents and trip computer. Slider for interior light dimmer has disappeared somewhere along the line (from right side button panel). Has a couple splits tears on top as pictured although...
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XD XE side mirrors

Wanted 15 Dec 2014
Wanted a set of manual side mirrors for a xd/xe 
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Front left wheel sticks out

Wheels / Tyres / Suspension / Chassis 15 Dec 2014
has anyone out there had any issues with their front left wheel sticking out more than the right. Noticed it more as I replaced the tyres on my XE.   I know there are hundred of things that can cause this from wheel alignments, controls arms, to accident history, however is there something s...
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Green is nice

Projects 14 Dec 2014
Time to get started on the XY
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Would these fit on an XE?

The Social Lounge 13 Dec 2014
Hi there, just wondering if these would ft on my XE Sedan http://m.ebay.com.au...2476?nav=SEARCH If anyone knows, please let me know, cheers.
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Removing or loosening Power steering

6 Cylinder Engines 13 Dec 2014
The belt has come off the power steering pump on my 87 Ghia. For the life of me I cant get the bloody thing back on. The pump wont move at all.. Is there a trick to loosening it.
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Swaps or sale

eBay Finds 13 Dec 2014
I've got a 95 xg injectored original 140XXXks 3 seat auto new coil new dizzy new tires couple of dints in the rear quarters but all in all mint original ute has rego till jan I think.. Will pass a legit roady with can be supplied.. Want too swap for another car or something cool.. If not $4000ono...
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