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Turbo LPG using GRA with custom venturi lean out help!

LPG Discussion Yesterday, 01:52 PM
Gday guys. I have a turbo 202 holden (Sorry its not a ford but this is by far the best forum for lpg discussion and there are people on here that created and use the custom venturis so where better to ask for help) and its on LPG. I run a Gas Research 440 TB but recently had one of those custom...
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The Moffat XD

The Social Lounge 23 Apr 2015
A interesting read to be had about the yellow moffat XD. A car that came back from certain death and has a connection with dick Johnson and "the rock" Moffats XD was then Reborn as a great looking Red XD Group C. This XD race car then became the equally stunning Black Xd Group C PYE Audio.. It c...
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BA BF Gearbox Conversion.

Transmission/Driveline 23 Apr 2015
Hi guys this may have talked about in other threads but I was on eBay looking at gearboxes and thinking how cool would it be to have a Ba Bf Falcon 4 speed auto with the sports gear change behind a 351 clevo in a XD.  How fast would that be for sprint racing!!       Any w...
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my xh ute

Projects 23 Apr 2015
I brought a xh Ute for $600 this is what it looks like any ideas on what to do to it at the moment its having a el xr6 engine fitted
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FOR SALE XE /XD centre console

Parts for sale 22 Apr 2015
In central west nsw. Can ship within NSW at buyers expense $500.
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XF falcon hid lights

Exterior 21 Apr 2015
I'm looking at buying some HIDs and had a few questions, (i read the other topics and couldn't find a good answer). Is the difference between H1 and H4 globes just the size? As in, H1 and H4 globes can have the same output but the thread or mount is just a different size? So every car uses one of...
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arcing sound from fuel pump

6 Cylinder Engines 20 Apr 2015
Have recently purchased an 83 xe fairmont ghia esp...has the 6cyl efi engine. Start, runs & goes pretty good. Took fuel pump out yesterday to check fuel sender unit...put pump back in. Prior to yesterday coukd hear pump priming...was quite loud. This arvo noticed an arcing sound when the dash...
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