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Pedders 6 cyl spring into a V8

New Members 02 May 2016
Hello Everyone,      I bought a second hand pedders springs. product code 2160R. I've just found out that they are for xy inline 6. My xy has a 351, standard height. my intention is to lower the car by 2 inches. What do you think will be the consequences if I put this springs in my...
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ZJ Fairlane Sunroof wiring

Auto Electrics including ECU / Engine Management 02 May 2016
I was wondering whether anyone knows if the factory sunroof uses the same circuit breaker as the power windows.   I have checked the ZJ factory manual and there is no mention of it.   Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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WTB Indicator Stalk/Switch.

Wanted 02 May 2016
Looking for an indicator stalk for XD XD ZJ ZK, if anyone has one available please PM me.   Thanks
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xr8 coil packs

8 Cylinder Engines 30 Apr 2016
how long does it take to change coils on a BA Boss 260??
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New Member - XE S-Pac

New Members 29 Apr 2016
Hi Guys I picked up this XE S-Pac late last year an have been meaning to join this forum. It is a six with 4 speed. Apart from wheels and lowering it, it is basically stock.   Am currently building a 302c to drop in sooner rather than later. I only have one photo available, but will get some...
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Wated t5 Bellhousing for 250 crossflow

Wanted 28 Apr 2016
Hello,   Looking for a bellhousing for my xf ute. the motor is a 250 crossflow and the gearbox is a t5   If anyone has a spare one there willing to part with it would be greatly appreciated   Thanks Aaron
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XYZ Coilovers for the XD

Wheels / Tyres / Suspension / Chassis 28 Apr 2016
Hi everyone just thought I would show off my new coilovers I bought for the XD!   The king spring used is a progressive spring ranging from 550 LB to 900LB.  The dampers have 30 different settings from soft to hard.   Cant wait to race with them!        ...
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