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Garage General Yesterday, 11:58 PM
hey guys maybe a bit of a dumb question but I have a 351C with a 164 tooth lightened flywheel and I will running a t5 gearbox just wondering how to pick or what is the correct clutch for this set up?? any help would b greatly appreciated Cheers
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Stripping XD falcon sedan

Parts for sale Yesterday, 05:20 PM
G'day everyone I'm parting out an XD Falcon Everything is for sale it's a 6 cylinder 4 spd manual with an LPG system not sure if tank is in date still but will check, I'm located north suburbs of Melbourne Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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ZL Fairlane door removal

Exterior Yesterday, 08:55 AM
Hey folks,   Am trying to remove the front doors of my ZL, but they've got a lot of wires connected to the body for the electric windows and central locking. I had a look around the door jambs but couldn't find any connectors, do I need to pull all the wiring out of the doors to replace it?...
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newbie question

New Members Yesterday, 12:06 AM
Gday im a newbie to this forum but looking forward to the info and the commen interest of us all spending most our spare time in a shed or under our car..but my issue is I have recently purchased a xf sedan but im not to sure if it is a actual s pak from the factory or just a tarted up one?
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esp centre caps wanted

ESP 16 Sep 2014
Another item ive been looking for are a set of xe esp centre caps . all help will be much appreciated
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turbo manifold for 302 windsor

Forced Induction 16 Sep 2014
im pretty sure this has been asked before but i had an idea and not sure if it will work,   basically its a turbo 302 in a xh ute   im running the tickford extractors on the left hand side then will crossover between box and engine to the right hand side,   this is were it gets int...
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aus vs US assembled falcons

Classic Falcons 15 Sep 2014
gday guys   This may be a stupid question but please forgive me!   Are the early US assembled falcons mechanically the same as our Aus assembled falcons? in particular our 63 XL falcon.   The reason I ask is that im looking a putting a 302 into my 6 cycl 1963 XL falcon and there se...
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