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New member

New Members 28 May 2015
hey everyone!     Checked out the forum a bit before, always loved x-series, in particular XC's (haven't been lucky enough to own one as of yet)   But bought a new ride a few weeks ago an 87 XF fairmont, so thought i'd sign up as i now own an x-series car haha   Heres my ride....
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XD 351 chaser

Cars for sale 27 May 2015
I am selling my 1979 XD. It is an ex chaser with matching numbers 351. Original unmolested condition with minimal rust! $14,000 negotiable. Located on the Central Coast NSW Any questions call 0412 435302 Daniel.
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Fuel economy

Garage General 27 May 2015
Hi am am driving a 1990 xf auto ute only done 200k but now that I need to drive it every day the fuel consumption is hurting. I am thinking of upgrading to a newer version, still want a falcon and would like opinions on either an Xh or should I go a bit further to an Au. Money is tight.  I h...
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For Sale pair of XE headlights (not ghia) WA

Parts for sale 26 May 2015
Pair of Xe Headlights Good condition pick up only WA 6110   $60   0412998521
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XM ute 4.1 crossflow headers

Classic Falcons 26 May 2015
Hi ive just fitted a XD alloy head crossflow and c4 to my XM ute and would like to fit extractors just wondering if anyone has done this and which ones they used,  ive looked at the Cortina ones but not to sure they would fit any help would be appreciated Thanks
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My XF heater is Weird

Garage General 26 May 2015
Hi All, Have an XF 87 sedan update, auto with carby. The head gasket has some external weeping which I'm living with. The strange thing, to me anyway, is that when the coolant level is low I get hot air coming out of the heater. When I top up the coolant level with about one and a half litres of...
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eb-ed dash into xg ute

New Members 24 May 2015
hi guys, hope some of you can help me out with my project, I have a xg ute that I am installing a 302 Windsor efi into, I have all the wiring for the engine, gearbox and dash, even have the ignition barrel. What I am wanting some help with is that I am also going to install the dash out of an eb...
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