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Site stability - 30SEP19

Site Support & News 30 Sep 2019
Good day. We are back online, At this time i can offer no further explanation.   A large number of spammers have flooded the site so new member registrations have been temporarily disabled and the spammer accounts cleaned up. Some may have slipped by the mighty Hammer, So be sure to report t...
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Cobra alarm system

Auto Electrics including ECU / Engine Management 29 Sep 2019
Got a old cobra alarm system (model 0436) this would have been around from 85 to early 90s. Anyway given its a 1990 fairlane and the alarm is from that era I am forced to conclude that the remotes are at least that old as well and are unfortunatly falling apart. I have contacted cobra aust who h...
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Kia Ora from NZ

New Members 27 Sep 2019
Kia Ora Team   I am living in Whitianga, on the Coromandel of NZ. We have a 1982 XD Fairmont ESP - 351C. I purchased it a few months ago needing some finishing. The last real piece to the jigsaw is the wiring in the engibe bay. It was remoeved and was not labelled, so working through the wir...
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XD Falcon Headlight Reconditioning -

Exterior 15 Jun 2019
Throwing it out there.. Who Has Reconditioned there XD or XE head lights? How you went about it? Black or Silver backing? What you did about the reflector getting rechromed ect... Replacement seals ECT..   Bonus Points for Photos as always
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XD Front Runners

Wheels / Tyres / Suspension / Chassis 05 Jun 2019
Hey Guys,   I'm looking at getting some new rims for my Ute, I want to go with the skinny front runner look and possibly use a 165-195 tyre. What rims are people using? styles? sizes? offsets?   thanks in advance.
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replacement vacuum lines

Garage General 01 Jun 2019
Hi,   I've got my hands on a replacement heater unit for my XF and I need to replace the heater vacuum lines that run from the engine bay to the heater unit because the existing ones have perished (i.e. become hard, cracked and split).     The lines are 3mm outside diameter and 1...
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Free 250 ci engine ...From an XC ute

The Pool Room 27 May 2019
I have just removed the original 250 ci engine from my Xc ute and am happy for someone to have it for free ( or if you feel generous , a case of Corona ) ....It was working fine when removed . Comes with bell housing , radiator , air filter mount ,etc etc etc .. I hope someone can put it to good...
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