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XD/E parts

Wanted Today, 08:21 AM
Hi all, Wanting to buy a clean pair of XD sedan taillights and a XE 4 speed gear knob, cheers 0407757488
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Cooling question

Garage General 30 Jul 2014
Hi All, have an 87 update sedan auto, carby, 4.1. The car runs brilliant considering that it has multiple bits and pieces that don't work so good. The major concern at the moment is that I have a couple of external head gasket leaks. These have no effect on the cars performance and she rockets al...
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Zl Fairlane

Cars for sale 30 Jul 2014
Guys  selling grandfathers zl it's very clean http://www.gumtree.c...e-zl/1053058483
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xc fairmont parts in sa

Wanted 30 Jul 2014
after a whole car if I can find another one.   need new head lights and maybe new tail lights..   but anything of interest really.
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how to diagnose why the xc won't run on petrol for ne...

Garage General 30 Jul 2014
just a newbie ? how do I find out why the newly bought car won't run on petrol... I have it running fine on LPG but as soon as I flick the switch on the dash it stalls out...
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XE Fairmont wiring diagrams

Auto Electrics including ECU / Engine Management 30 Jul 2014
Hi, Would anyone have any wiring diagrams on file for an xe fairmont? I have a Gregory's manual but have found the diagrams to be be wrong in some places and missing a lot of information. Cheers.
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im back with an xc falcon..and need heaps of help.

Projects 30 Jul 2014
Hello. boys and girls. I while ago I bought my self a XD with a 302 V8...and had to sell to buy a house...but I'm back ...and bought my self a matching numbers 302 XC Fairmont. in that brownish colour.   paid $3500   and pretty much original except for the gas system that was...
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