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doors doors and doors their not all the same

Garage General Today, 10:05 PM
ok in this thread im going to try and clear alot of confusion between the different doors   i'm going to start with confusion between xg/h doors and Xd/e/f doors (I know d to f theirs differences) At the front end of the door apart from the hardware used and a rebuildable hinge their the sam...
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Benalla Cruise ' n ' Shine

VIC Events Today, 06:26 PM
Heading to winton tomorrow for this https://www.facebook...105882832837680  
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windsor in cortina

Cortina Corner Today, 02:04 PM
hi guys im  putting a 302 windsor in a te and having a bit of trouble with extractors down drivers side i have a mini starter but there still isnt a lot of room to get the pipes down there. if anyone has any pics of what they did it would be great any help would be too.
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fuel injected crossflow with 4 speed auto

6 Cylinder Engines Yesterday, 03:39 PM
Hi all If I was to change my crossflow to fuel injection using xf intake, injectors and fuel rail but used ea/eb sensors loom and computer would that also allow me the option of the 4 speed auto?? Trying to get away from my bw35 and the c4 for the crossflow is near impossible to find around brisb...
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6boost Turbo Manifold xflow T4 Divided

Parts for sale 23 Oct 2014
Have a 6boost turbo manifold for sale. It is designed for a T4 divided. Also has 44mm wastegate flange welded on. http://pages.ebay.co...id=271643192576
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Power Steering Mounting options

Garage General 22 Oct 2014
Hello everyone,   I have snapped the 3 bolts that hold the Power steering motor to the chassis rail on my XG ute.   I am sourcing new bolts to replace the snapped ones.   BUT...... I have heard of welding the power steering motor to the chassis rail, just wondering i...
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No spark 82 xd falcon

6 Cylinder Engines 22 Oct 2014
Hi all I'm havin drama with my 6 cyl not having spark, I've replaced everything from the coil, leads, ignition module, rota, distributor cap and also had the distributor tested and it came back good. All I can think of is there is a problem with wiring. Im not that savvy with wiring so any help...
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