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Newbie XF Owner

New Members Yesterday, 07:59 AM
Hello All!   Last night I put a deposit down on a 1986 XF Falcon that I pick up this weekend. MEGA EXCITE!   Can't wait to pester you all with my irritating questions and blatant lack of technical knowledge. You have been forewarned. My partner drives an XE so now we have a his-and-hers...
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Nsw wtb fg

Parts for sale 23 Aug 2016
Hi I'm chasing a fg crash pad condition not overly important deployed airbags OK as I'm going to modify and recover it anyway. I'm an upholsterer and I'm trying a little experiment.
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Front windscreen chrome trim removal

Exterior 22 Aug 2016
As the topic says I want to know how to remove the chrome trim around the front windscreen with as little or no damage. Is it as simple as using a screw driver and levering it off carefully, or is it more complex than that? As I need to reuse the trims it would like to try and do this with out da...
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351 XD to XF project

New Members 22 Aug 2016
Hi Guys, This is my 351C inherited from the old man, started out in a white shell, ex highway patrol. Swapped into a fairmont ghia but was never really driven, the body was purchased freshly sprayed about 2008, it just got too rusty - repairable but expensive. Not getting anywhere near the asking...
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1967 Xr fuel gauge

Auto Electrics including ECU / Engine Management 22 Aug 2016
Hello My fuel gauge in my Xr 67 ute is still reading with the ignition off, I'm not sure if the Xr's have a voltage regulator for the dash either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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XD-XF wagon boot setups

Interior / Dashboard / Car Audio 18 Aug 2016
Hi All,   Apologies if this is in the wrong section, as my question mainly applies to wagons with LPG fitted, though it may also apply to wagons not on LPG. I have a wagon with LPG, with the tank mounted in the factory spare wheel storage area. What has everyone else done to keep the spare t...
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New member

New Members 17 Aug 2016
Hi all just added this forum to the list i frequent
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