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Armie's 351 Cleveland XD wagon

The Showroom 26 Aug 2015
Hey guys, this is my XD wagon with factory 351 Cleveland. Has a gas research system, FMX, LSD, orginal paint etc lots of little things like new windscreen, thermostat etc. Needs a lot of work to get up to scratch, I've actually quit my job so will be working on this next week. My last project was...
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Upgrading EFI Fuel pump

8 Cylinder Engines 25 Aug 2015
Hi, This may have been covered before but I am looking at upgrading the standard efi pump to a higher flowing pump like a bosch 040. My car is an XE running a 351 cleveland (around 450hp) with a powerjection III EFI setup. I don't like the idea of using the external pump that came with the setup...
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Xf 4.1 turbo manifold

Wanted 24 Aug 2015
Wtb 4.1 turbo manifold
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XF 250 lpg fuel economy

LPG Discussion 24 Aug 2015
I have my suspicions that my XF isn't running to good on gas. Most of the time I'll get about 400km to the tank which is 65 litres. The car hasn't been properly tuned since I got it in 2012, My Dad and I did adjust the fuel mixture a bit, but that didn't help. It's auto, dual fuel, Impco 300A Mix...
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What to build

6 Cylinder Engines 22 Aug 2015
I picked up a mixed box of parts from someone's failed rebuild the other day.Cost me $500 and included crow double valve springs, oversize vavles, new lifters, bearings, water pump and stock pistons. Using a few more of the parts I have laying about in my shed or already on cars what can I make u...
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Ford fc fd fe grille badge

Wanted 22 Aug 2015
Hi I'm after 2 of these but would be happy with 1 if anybody has one that they'd like to sell.
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Wheels / Tyres / Suspension / Chassis 19 Aug 2015
Dose anyone know where to get steel rims made up? I've tried Ajax there number is disconnected Thx
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