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351 clevo water temp

8 Cylinder Engines Yesterday, 12:43 AM
Hi all. Can anyone tell me what is a good water temp for a mild clevo. What would be too high?Just turned her over for the first time. Sat at 89c and wouldnt budge. Running 3 core radiator and twin thermos. Not aluminium or cheap chinese stuff though Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
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Gra straight LPG base tune help needed

LPG Discussion 24 Nov 2015
Long story short my throttle cable snapped and after replacing it and flooding the car (straight lpg) the old man screwed with the idle mixes and now it either won't run or will idle and die as soon as accelerator pedal is touched. If I screw the idle right up it will run and rev. Motor is a 35...
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Random stalling

New Members 23 Nov 2015
Hey I've owned my 95 xg falcon ute (Mater) for a year or so now n lately I found it's become really sluggish n running quite ruff sometimes it will stall with the clutch in after accelerating.. The revs seem to drop that low it almost stalls the engine every time and occasionally will stall.. Jus...
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XF New Rear Door Glass

Wanted 22 Nov 2015
Hi guys I cannot find any new glass for my rear doors on my XF.. Have everything else brand new (inc both rear quarters) but no luck with rear door Any help would be great Cheers Mick
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Stealthy speaker setup

Interior / Dashboard / Car Audio 22 Nov 2015
How would I go about upgrading the factory sound system in my XF? It's got the factory radio which I'd really like to keep for that stock look. I've already got some 4" sony's in the dash but I honestly didn't notice any difference in sound quality over the factory dash 4" speakers. Where should...
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Ltd tail lights to falcon?

Exterior 22 Nov 2015
Hi, I have an 85 XF Falcon, and I want to fit LTD tail lights from an 81 model, will they fit?
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Troubleshooting EFI Fuel System and calculating supportab...

D.I.Y Guides 22 Nov 2015
I could not Find an appropriate section for fuel related topics so it's going here.The following is written specifically for Crossflow EFI but can be adapted for pretty much any petrol fuel system across all cars.The following guide can be used for troubleshooting various problems with fuel suppl...
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