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Club Permits

Site Support & News 06 Nov 2018
admin delete if not allowed   hi all   i am an approved car club with vic roads   if you need club permits or looking to transfer from current club to my club, have all necessary paperwork ready to go   no rwc needed if transferring   no transfer fees   just membersh...
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Fitting intank fuel pump into XD falcon

Garage General 03 Nov 2018
Hi People i seen on forums a long time ago some one fitted an intank fuel pump onto the XD fuel pick up, and how do i search the forum cant remember. CHEERS
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Show us your XF falcon utes

Garage General 23 Oct 2018
hey guys show us some pics of your xf falcon utes. wanting some ideas of what to do with mine
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Chassis number not on record, how to buy with confidence

Garage General 17 Oct 2018
Hello Geniuses and wizards. I need some help. I’m trying to buy a Ute. But I can’t find the chassis number in the vicroads search, or the ppsr.gov.au search. How do I buy with confidence it hasn’t been written off or stolen? The chassis number is JG41GS91932C Thanks in advance. Sent from...
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4.0L to carby in xp

Forced Induction 16 Oct 2018
Hay guys how are we all? Im starting my next project 4.0L ohc into a xp Looking at options for the ignition side of things as i dont want to run an ecu. Ive looked on alot of forums and found some good stuff on hear about moding a xf dizzy. Also found some info on using a 4.0L one and just setti...
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XD mad newbie g’day

New Members 14 Oct 2018
Hey lads, as you may have guessed I like XD’s. It was my first car with C4 and 351 SPac with 12 slotters. Then moved up to the biggest regret of my life, selling my Ford Fairmont Ghia ESP all factory 351 9” and dealer ordered Phase 5 kitted, black and white scheel seats. Loved that car especially...
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Club reg

Site Support & News 14 Oct 2018
Can I get club reg through xfalcon?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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